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Whether you prefer to whiten your teeth at home or in our office or both,
we have multiple teeth whitening options for our patients!

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Studies have shown that white teeth help people feel more confident! We want our patients to feel confident and happy about their smiles, so if teeth whitening is on your list, we are happy to help. Whether it’s a wedding, graduation or an interview, teeth whitening can provide a boost of confidence and will add to your healthy smile.

The Teeth Whitening Process

The process that whitens your teeth involves using either bleaching or non-bleaching products. Bleaching products contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These products remove surface as well as deep stains on teeth. You can obtain over-the-counter whitening products or get your teeth professionally whitened at the dentist’s office.

General FAQ

Why do teeth stain?

There are three main categories of tooth discoloration:

  • Extrinsic teeth stains – Stain on the surface of the tooth due to food or drink or tobacco use that leaves a pigmented residue over time
  • Intrinsic stains – Stain below the surface of the tooth caused by particles working through the exterior of the tooth, accumulating within the tooth enamel
  • Age-Related teeth stains – Core tissue of the tooth naturally yellows over time. Tooth enamel thins and allows the core tissue, dentin, to show through.

If you have noticed that your teeth aren’t as white as they used to be, you should check into a whitening system. Tooth whitening is the least aggressive procedure to get a more aesthetically pleasing smile. If you don’t have chronic sensitivity, periodontal disease, oral cancer, or excessively worn or damaged enamel, you are a candidate for whitening.

If you get your family dentist in Morrisville, NC to whiten your teeth, you can generally expect to go through these standard steps:

  • Dentist makes a record of the current shade of your teeth
  • Teeth are polished with pumice to remove any plaque on the surface
  • Gauze and retractors are applied to keep your teeth dry and keep surfaces in your mouth away from the whitening solution
  • Teeth are coated with a whitening solution on the front surface only.
  • Possibly a curing light or laser is used to activate the peroxide
  • The solution is left on the teeth for 30 to 60 minutes
  • Once the desired shade or the maximum time has been reached, the teeth are rinsed.
  • If you have any tooth sensitivity, a fluoride application may be used to ease it
  • Additional visits are scheduled until the desired shade is reached

If you use a professional at-home whitening treatment:

  • A dental impression is made
  • Custom-fitted trays are made from the impression
  • The dentist provides the whitening gel
  • Perform the procedure for an hour a day over a two-week period

To prepare for your appointment, have some idea as to the level of white-ness you want. Discuss with your dentist to see if it is realistic and, if so, how many treatments or what kind of treatment you should get.

Not everyone is a candidate for teeth whitening but we are happy to provide a free consultation to see if you are!

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