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No Dental Insurance? No Problem!

Membership Plans for Patients with No Dental Insurance

We believe that not having dental insurance should never stop anyone from obtaining affordable, good-quality dental care! The Mint Value Patient (MVP) Club is designed to bring good quality dental care within reach for those who do not have dental insurance.

Unlike dental insurance plans, our membership plans have no copays, no waiting periods, no maximums, and no restrictions on what you can use your discounts on.

MVP Plan by Mint Leaf Dentistry

About Our Membership Plans

It’s simple really – you sign up for a yearly membership, you select the level of membership depending on your needs and we offer a variety of services included as part of the membership and a discount on all additional treatment done in the office.

At no extra cost, all plans include:

  • New patient and Routine Checkup Exams
  • Two Prophy/Dental Cleanings per year
  • All Checkup and Emergency X-Rays

Choose the Right MVP Plan for You

MVP Limited: $99

Designed for patients with an emergency or who are experiencing pain. The area of concern will be addressed and taken car of first!

– 15% discount on all other dental proceedures
– Over 20% off crowns & dental implants
– 50% off gum therapy (scaling and root planning). One follow up cleaning included (periodontal maintenance)

MVP Comprehensive: $349 – $359 Per Year

Designed for patients who want to establish routine dental care.

– Comprehensive exam & routine check up and x-rays
– Two prophy/healthy mouth cleanings per year
– 15% discount on all other dental procedures
– Over 20% off crowns & dental implants
– 50% off gum therapy (scaling & root planning). Three follow up cleanings included

Adult Fee: $359 per Year
Children Fee (age 16 or under): $349 per year

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