Why Choose a Teeth Bleaching Dentist

When you look at your teeth in the mirror do you see a beautiful white smile? If your teeth are more stained or discolored than they are white, you may be thinking about doing something to change that. Teeth whitening is a great way to give yourself that gleaming white smile you’re missing – but you shouldn’t trust just anyone when whitening your teeth. While you may be tempted to just do it yourself with over-the-counter products, seeing a teeth bleaching dentist is the better option. They can oversee the process to make it pain-free and the most successful possible.

We’re going to take a look at why choosing a teeth bleaching dentist is the best option as well as what goes into the teeth bleaching process.

Picture of a woman getting teeth whitening at a teeth bleaching dentist office

What is Teeth Bleaching?

Teeth bleaching uses hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to get your teeth whiter. These types of products remove surface stains and deep stains on your teeth. There are also teeth whitening products that are non-bleaching. You can get your teeth professionally whitened at the dentist’s office or you can purchase over-the-counter whitening products.

Am I a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

If you don’t have chronic tooth sensitivity, periodontal disease, oral cancer, or excessively worn or damaged enamel, you can be a good candidate for teeth whitening. When you notice your teeth aren’t as white as they used to be, it’s worth seeing a teeth bleaching dentist to explore your options to regain a whiter smile.

Benefits of Seeing a Teeth Bleaching Dentist 

If your teeth are stained, you’re probably looking to see results sooner rather than later. When you see a dentist in Raleigh that provides teeth whitening services, there are many benefits compared to trying to do it by yourself at home.

High-Quality Products

We all know the saying, “you get what you pay for”. While at-home teeth whitening products may be less expensive, you do get what you pay for. Typically, a stronger peroxide solution is used in a dentist’s office compared to what is used in over-the-counter products. This can lead to better, quicker results. While it may cost more, the final results are better than what you’ll see at home.

Professional Guidance

When you see a Raleigh dentist for teeth whitening, you will have someone constantly overseeing the treatments and progress. This should give you peace of mind that you have someone monitoring you so that nothing goes wrong.

Your dentist can also make sure the treatments are being done properly and that they are indeed working. While teeth whitening has proven to be safe, some people experience gum irritation and tooth hypersensitivity after the procedure. If this happens, you’ll want to have someone on your side who is keeping an eye out for your well-being.

Can Discover Other Problems

Seeing a teeth bleaching dentist to get your teeth whiter is beneficial because they will be able to notice any underlying cause for teeth staining that is not typical. This is a great perk because as soon as a dental problem can be identified and treated, the better the outcome for your oral health.

Risks Involved with DIY Teeth Whitening

Although it may be tempting to take the DIY approach to teeth whitening, there are some risks involved.

Leaving the Whitening Solution On for Too Long

If you don’t think the teeth whitening process is working as fast as it should, you may be tempted to leave the whitening solution on for too long. This is never a good idea and can have unfortunate results.

Heightened Tooth Sensitivity

When teeth whitening products are overused or not used the way they were intended, it can lead to heightened tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. The peroxide gel can wear away tooth enamel and irritate dental nerves. A chemical burn may also occur and result in more severe pain and inflammation as the whitening product reaches the gums repeatedly.

Improperly Fitting Trays

When you see a teeth bleaching dentist, any trays and treatments are customized to your mouth. That’s not true when it comes to over-the-counter products. If you are using trays that don’t fit properly, you may increase the risk of gum irritation.

Final Word: Teeth Bleaching Dentist

When it comes to teeth whitening, seeing a teeth bleaching dentist is the best option. This will ensure that products are being used properly and that the best products are used. Having professional guidance will help to notice any dental issues that you may be having as well. Taking a DIY approach to teeth whitening can lead to gum irritation and tooth sensitivity if the products are not used properly.

Are You Looking for a Teeth Bleaching Dentist?

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